No-Deal Brexit Plan Safe

by | Apr 9, 2019

Highways England has maintained its no-deal Brexit plan is safe and effective, after multiple accidents and criticism from ferry companies.

The plan codenamed Operation Brock, was designed to ease congestion if traffic heading towards the port of Dover grinds to a standstill, by using an airport as a mass HGV holding bay.

The disused Manston Airport in Kent was used as the location for an exercise, with a total of 89 lorries taking part in two test runs from the airport to the Port of Dover on a 20-mile route.

A ferry operator has stated that they are not at all impressed with the plan and sending traffic up north was not the preferred solution. They went on to suggest that traffic management should be a secondary priority to ensuring custom declarations were ready in time for lorries to cross the border.

On some days more than 10,000 freight vehicles pass through Dover, with an industry report also stating that customs checks on imports from outside the common market can take between 5 to 45 minutes per vehicle.

However, Highways England said since Operation Brock was introduced on 25th March, there had only been an estimated half a dozen crashes and breakdowns in the contraflow system in Kent.

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