EGDC Website Relaunched

by | Jan 9, 2018

A new year and an updated website has been launched by Singapore based group members – Uniserve EGDC.

Uniserve EGDC (Express Global Distribution Centre) was established in 2013 to facilitate our Group’s natural organic growth and directly support our customers to grow and expand internationally.

Specialising in the retail sector, Uniserve EGDC has become a leading provider of warehouse and value-added services in the region, providing a trusted service that facilitates growth, improves lead times and speed to market, delivers improved customer satisfaction and reduces end to end costs.

Uniserve EGDC’s innovative solutions include transforming the supply chains of some of today’s leading global brands. This is achieved by providing consolidation, fulfilment and distribution of products originating in Asia through our Singapore hub, eliminating any unnecessary logistics costs to Europe.


Uniserve EGDC Chief Operating Officer – Vijay Madlani – commented “We chose Singapore to build this business as it is ideally suited to service the international routes for China, SE Asia, Australasia, The Middle East and the Indian Sub Continent”.

“We are very proud to be representing numerous major global brands, who have recognised that our innovative solutions are making an impact across their global supply chains”.

“Our updated website will enable us to communicate the successes of our cutting edge supply chain products to a wider audience, ensuring more businesses are able to benefit from improved lead times, a faster speed to market and reduced end to end costs.”. 

The new website has been launched this week and can be found by visiting

For more information on how Uniserve EGDC can add leverage to your supply chain please call our exceptional team on +65 64458622, or email

For more information Uniserve EGDC, or to find out more about how Zenith can help leverage your supply chain, then please email or call 08453 701804.

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